👋Hey! My name is Stavro Victor
🧔‍♂️I execute stunning data-driven video ads for paid social as a Content Producer at Bamboo Ad Agency. I bring to the table over 5 years as a filmmaker, producer, director, and editor on productions. I understand the current landscape of content creation and video production and can take your project from start to finish.
📌Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
📲 Send me a DM to see my Paid Social video productions/ editing work.
🎥On the side, I produce freelance video content with Stavro Media.
🖥 Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are my bread and butter for editing programs. 
⚙️ Check out my video production gear kit here.
The Process 🏗
Pre-production creates the foundation for the project. During this phase, we consult with the client to figure out the project goals and advise on the best video for your needs. Next, we set strategies for your business, brand, goals, and audience to ideate concepts that will make the biggest impact.
We’re ready to shoot. During this step, our crew will execute all of the ideas we created in pre-production. This is when we bring out all the lights, cameras, and gear!
Now that production is wrapped, the last phase is post-production. Our video editor will assemble all of the beautiful footage captured, color grade the footage, tweak the sound, and bring the idea to life! The client will be able to upload feedback and we will continue to tweak the video until it conveys the perfect message. Once the video is finished, you are ready to upload and share the final video. ​​​​​​​
Look forward to your story!
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