• Sony FX3 - 4K Full-Frame Cinema Camera
• Sony A7SIII - 4K Full-Frame DSLR Camera
• Sony A7SII - 4K Full-Frame DSLR Camera
• Sony A6300 - 4K APS-C DSLR Camera
• GoPro MAX 360
• GoPro 8
• Sony 24-105mm F/4
• Sony 35mm F/1.8
• Sony 50mm F/1.4
• Sony 16-35mm F/4
• Sony 24-70mm F/2.8
• Sony 70-200-70mm F/2.8
• Canon 100mm macro F/2.8 
• E to EF Adapter - Fotodiox Pro Adapter
• VND Filter - Hoya 82mm
• Black Pro-Mist filter Tiffen 1/4 strength - 82mm
• Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R + Deadcat Furry Wind Cover
• Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder (2x)
• Lavs Giant Squid Omnidirectional Microphone (2x)
• Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder
• Adapters needed to plug into a sound system 
• DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo (3 Batteries, ND filters, and chargers)
• DJI RS 2 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer
• Tripod: Manfrotto Tripod + Fluid Head (2x)
• Monopod: Sirui P-224S Carbon-Fiber + Fluid Head
• Motion Control Camera Slider: Rhino Carbon Fiber Slider w/ flywheel & Motion & Arch Unit for motion timelapse, parallax shots, and moving interviews
• Aputure C300d II Daylight LED Monolight (V-Mount) (2x)
• Aputure Light Storm COB 120d Kit (2x)
• Aputure Nova P300c RGB LED Light Panel (1x)
• LED Tubelight: Nanlite PavoTube 30C 4' RGBW (2x)
• Lightdome Soft Box (2x)
• Light Stands (2x)
• C-Stands (4x)
• Diffusion Umbrellas (2x)
• Large Light Reflector 5-in-1 47"x71" 
• ProGrade SDXC V90II U3 128gb R:300MB/s W: 250MB/s (2x)
• SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card (2x)
• SanDisk Extreme 64GB SDXC UHS-I Card (2x)
• SanDisk Extreme V30 32GB microSDHC r90MB/s UHS-I U3 4K (2x) 
• MicroSD cards (4x)
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