At Monarch Tractor, I produce, film and edit video and photo content that you would find on our social platforms, website, and YouTube. The content I create encapsulates the mission of Monarch Tractor! I work in cross-collaboration with the marketing, sales, and product team to bring different types of video content to life including customer stories, social media content, investor videos, product marketing videos, recruiting videos, training, and other enterprise-wide projects! It has been an incredible experience to learn about this industry, bring these stories to life, and get a behind-the-scenes look into the agriculture industry.
Displayed is a collage of different projects I have worked on during my time at Monarch. Check out the website, youtube and social media for my most recent work!
Social Media Giveaway: Matchbox MK-V Tractor
Monarch Tractor partnered with Matchbox to create a "toy tractor". I executed & developed the creative assets (inspired the by the legend "Zach King") that was used to promote the tractor giveaway. The post gathered a 166% increase in engagement with over 9,000 organic views, over 80+ comments, and 77+ shares.
Website Update:
I was part of the incredibly talented team (consisting of marketing, sales, web designers (Series 8) , developers, and product team members) who contributed to a new website redesign in the effort of our new product launch. In a matter of a few months, were were able to go from concepting, and wireframes, to building and launch. My work contributed to general concepts,  new video & photo content, animated assets, GIFS, and basic copywriting.
You can see those visuals below:
"How-To" Training Videos:
To help with sales enablement and customer satisfaction, we produced a series of over 30+ videos that covered key elements of operation for an 100% electric tractor. The videos were scripted, drafted, and produced within a limited timeframe and minimal budget to ensure rapid deployment and future iterations of the video training material. 
We utilized a "Wistia" media player that allowed for customization of the viewing experience, multiple languages "CC" Closed Captions", and flexibility for future updates & changes. 
Watch the videos here: Training Videos
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