🎥 DP/Editor: @stavromedia
📝 Creative Direction: @stavromedia & Joey Tossi
👋 PA: Demitra Victor
The foreshadowing story of a young soccer player and his growth in soccer. His family, coaches, community, and teammates bring the best out of him. He trains, practices, wins, and loses; ultimately he grows as a better teammate and person.
WCSC started in 1971, over 50 years! Our mission is to enrich the community by developing athletes with a strong foundation of skills to play at any level, while providing our players and families an environment that focuses on teaching life lessons, and building a love for soccer.” 
Soccer Player: Maverick Wilson
Dad: Dean Wilson
Mom: Mary Wilson
Coach: Paul Curtis
Soccer Team: Alex Braginsky, Benjamin Lacayo, Brady Kulisch, Hudson Merritt, Marco Jara, Marcus Monaldo, Miki Derer, Skye Megyesi, Mason Barram, & Andrew Huchingson 

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